About me

I’m Łukasz Szymkowiak and I’m SEM specialist.
Since the beginning of my professional career, I have been involved in the SEO / SEM industry. I started as a junior SEO executive in Poznań-based agencies Widoczni.com and iCEA.
Then, after a break from college, I worked for Ogicom / Blink (now H88 S.A.) for more than a year working as SEO/SEM specialist creating and running AdWords campaigns for almost all clients. During this time, we managed to become one of the best SEM agencies in Poland by Google Partners ranking. For the next year, I was hired by CEO of Inno-Gene. I was managing complex strategy of e-marketing for all subsidiary companies in Inno-Gene’s portfolio.
Currently, I am trusted by the CEO of one of the largest online stores in Poland contact lens industry, for which I proudly manage AdWords campaigns and support SEO activities for several brands in the lenses and eyewear market.