Adalysis – Review tool for analyze and optimize your AdWords and Bing ads

Adalysis review

Cool, March afternoon, I check my gmail and except the standard GSP ads (thanks to and, I received Adalysis ad – as they say – “Powerful PPC Management Made Simple”. I found that someone finally found great target, so I decided to use a 14-day trial. Here is my review of this tool after two weeks of use.


To sign up for Adalysis, log in with the Google Account we use to sign in to the Adwords panel. Upon first registration, Adalysis will ask us to allow modification of our campaigns. Of course, we agree and we get into the panel. I doesn’t advertise on Bing currently, so this review will be based on AdWords optimisation. I suppose , that the differences in the analysis of ads from both systems are minimal.


The most important Adalysis feature is automatic ads analysis in our campaigns. Preview our entire Adwords account in the Adalysis panel lets us freely browse every single campaigns and ad groups. At the ad group level, you’ll see all your ads with special color indications that mean how effective they are. Green – the most effective, yellow – average, red – the weakest.

dalysis ads review

Graphical analysis of adwords ads in the adalysis panel

Ad analysis is based on several factors – clickthrough rate, conversion rate, conversion cost, conversion value/cost, and others. In this way, we can immediately see which of our creations is the worst, and we can pause it with two clicks. In the same place, we can also create a new ad that will automatically be submitted to the AdWords dashboard. Also, statistics for potential clicks, impressions, cost, total conversion value, and CPA be available if the weakest ad had been paused. This way, we can analyze individual ad groups. Unfortunately, not all active ad groups are available for analysis, I do not know why. This is not a matter of the number of impressions or budget spent. I suppose this is just a truncated version of the trial account.



What if…

Moreover, the panel is a real compilation of more or less useful statistics that you can not find in the AdWords panel. The most motivating is the statistics of potentially lost profits. They’re showing us what would happen if the weakest ads were deactivated a month ago, and we would let to run this more effective ads. Adalysis is all well-organized and presented in an compact form. I have seen, for example, the value of lost conversions at the level of several thousand zlotys, and it’s really much to optimize.

analiza utraconych korzyści w panelu adalysis

Analysis of lost benefits in the adalysis panel


Quality matters

Another interesting thing that we can see on the main dashboard is the grouping of all relevant statistics in the distribution of quality results. On the account I’m analyzing right now, it’s clear that most keywords have a quality score of 7 and 8 – well, that’s just the start of the game. It’s obvious that many of keywords with QS = 10 mainly correspond to brand names. In the same way, we can check clicks, clickthroughs, and what matters – conversions – their value and cost.


adalysis rozkład kliknięć wg wyniku jakości

rozkład klikalności wg wyniku jakości


rozkład konwersji wg wyniku jakości


wartość konwersji w rozkładzie wg wyniku jakości


wartość konwersji w rozkładzie wg wyniku jakości


What can you see in my example? In case of budget cuts, I should pause all keywords with QS = 4,6,7,9. For marketers who don’t care about conversion tracking, we can split the clickthrough rate or average CPC. Below are pie charts that break down each of the above statistics into three determinants: Quality Score – predicted CTR, relevance of landing page. In this way you can easily see if one of these factors is low in many campaigns and you have to fix it.


The most useful feature of this tool is automatic pause of the worst profitable ads. This means that, we let this tool decide for ourselves which ads should be paused, and it is our work to create another options to test different messages.



Everyone probably waited for this part, so how much does it cost? Adalysis has quite an original way to subscribe – it’s based not on the number of campaigns, groups, budgets spent, but on the range of active ads. Therefore, even spending large amounts of money per month on advertising, you may find that you only need a lower subscription. From the first threshold, we enjoy the full capabilities of the panel.



Prices look like this:


Up to 500 ads – $ 25

Up to 1000 ads – $ 49

Up to 5000 ads – $ 149

Up to 10,000 ads – $ 199

Up to 25,000 ads – $ 299

Up to 50,000 ads – $ 399

Up to 100,000 ads – $ 599

Up to 250,000 ads – $ 999

Up to 1,000,000 ads – $ 1999

Up to 5,000,000 ads – $ 2999

Over 5,000,000 – email them and you will find out.



How to pay for a subscription?

You can pay by VISA, Master Card or American Express.

Is that a lot? In my opinion it’s very decent price. The smallest package to 500 ads, it is already at least 100-200 ad groups, in dozens of campaigns. I assume that for such an extended account, the budget is several, several thousand zlotys per month. I really recommend investing this several dozen of dollars,  because it will pays off from the first days of operation.




However, if you think that’s a lot, I managed to get a 10% discount code for the entire subscription period, just enter your BRAD10 code in the payment panel.


Who do I recommend this solution? Practically everyone. It would benefit for small and large companies, especially those with their own marketing department and small and medium agencies working for dozens of customers at once. Who would I advise against this tool? Advertisers with small budgets of the order of several hundred dollars a month – subscription costs may turn out to be more than potential benefits, especially if your account gain few conversions. I also do not recommend to marketers who do not track conversions – this tool will not save your fate, it will not even have to make a meaningful analysis.


In conclusion, Adalysis is a great tool that can pull a lot more out of your campaigns. For this, it is very reasonably priced, which thanks to me you can further be decreased for the whole 10 PLN, with my discount code. In addition, I have to praise their support – they respond quickly and in a very nice way. I asked them for extra access, literally an hour to make screenshots, and they added me extra 5 days! Really customer oriented company.


If you’ve already reached the end, go to and test this tool yourself.


Disclaimer: Non-sponsored entry. By testing or buying a subscription from my link or using my discount code, you will not cause Adalysis to pay me a penny. I just sincerely recommend to try it by yourself.